Romanian Trance Family


It all started as a challenge. The Romanian Trance Family has been around for a while and recently was revived. It started as a Facebook group, but quickly it turned into the real home of the Romanian Trance fans. The group had its ups and downs. Had it first official party on April 21 and since then it continued growing. I entered the team as a fan, someone who wanted to help this grow. I entered the group with a lot of hopes and dreams. I entered to help them and to make a difference. Since my experience is with design, social media and writing, it was obvious I wanted to get involved to working on their graphics and help them grow online. I first worked on the graphics for the Romanian Trance Gathering #1. Then I did the ones for Romanian Trance Gathering #2. Then I helped them set the Social Media accounts and made a strategy and plan to follow.

But one of the most real challenges was their logo. I wondered for days what to do, what would work, what represents best the community. Like in any project, I first looked on what other do/ have. And I gathered a lot of their logos/ representative images in one place. It was important to see the trend in this. Not necessarily to follow it, but to have the overall idea. To have an idea on what to do/ what not to do and so on. After seeing what else is out there, I started sketching and exploring some Romanian symbols, to see where how far I can go with an idea.

There are not too many words to describe the end results. For me it is what it is. I chose Brancusi’s Endless Column to be the main focus of this logo. It is a very important symbol of our country and it suits to what the Romanian Trance Community, the Trance Family means. Something that is endless, infinite, magic. That’s what the Trance Community means to me. I met a lot of friends through this music, they are the oldest friends and the most genuine people in my life. That’s what this #trancefamily is all about. A family. A family that lasts forever.





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